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    8 July 2016

    Five great reasons to buy a new build home

    At Muir Homes, we’re proud to create high quality, new build homes that we believe have more to offer than a second-hand home. Here are our top five reasons to buy new.

    1. Make it your own

    Our new properties are pristine and decorated in tasteful, neutral colours so you have a blank canvas on which to leave your mark.

    2. Reduce your running costs

    New build homes are equipped with a range of energy-efficient features including a new boiler, double glazing and insulated floors, walls and roofs to reduce the cost of running a home and saving you money.

    3. Eliminate maintenance and renovation costs

    Forget about renovating an older property, a new build home eliminates the cost of upgrading and there’s no need to worry about surprise maintenance costs as everything is brand new.

    4. New kitchen and bathroom

    Each and every home from Muir Homes comes with high-quality kitchen and bathroom furniture from renowned manufacturers you can trust. Depending on the build stage of your home, you may be able to choose your own finish.

    5. Peace of mind

    Your new build home comes with a 10-year NHBC warranty that covers you in the unlikely event that something should go wrong with the workmanship or materials in the first 10 years.

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