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    20 September 2021

    How to decide where to live in Scotland

    While Scotland may not be huge, the variety it offers in terms of living situations is second to none. From the glowing cultural hotspots of Glasgow to the mountains of the Cairngorms and the dreamlike beaches of the North-West, the choices can be overwhelming!

    Below, we take a look at some things you may want to consider when deciding where to live in Scotland, with a few ideas of places that could be perfect for you.

    Urban vs Nature

    It can often be hard to choose between enjoying the benefits of urban life, and its plethora of cinemas, shops, and art galleries, and the quiet beauty of wild landscapes.

    While the two may at first seem incompatible, in many parts of Scotland they’re really not! Around the general Glasgow area, there are several locations where you can be on nature’s doorstep, while a 25-minute drive from the city centre! One such location is Inverclyde. A mere 25-minute drive from Glasgow, it sits just above the Clyde Estuary, with Loch Lomond visible in the distance.

    Sunny Aberdeenshire

    While sunny isn’t always a word that’s associated with Scotland, you’ve just got to pick your spot. Aberdeen is often the sunniest city in Scotland, and can be an absolute delight! As a city with a large student population, it has a vibrant atmosphere, with multiple gorgeous beaches up and down the coastline.

    It’s also a short drive from the western side of the Cairngorms, with heaps of opportunities for adventures, and keen fishermen will have plenty to explore in the Rivers Dee and Don among others.

    A healthy distance from Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is gorgeous, but it can be quite full-on – if you want to be close but not too close, a great place to live while taking advantage of its proximity is in the coastal town of Dalgety Bay.

    Just across the Forth Bridge from Edinburgh, it’s just 30-minutes away on the bus and the train, giving you access to all the wonders of Edinburgh, without leaving you trapped in its midst every day. The bay itself is just gorgeous, a calm haven in the heart of Fife. The town has a deep history, lying on the ruins of an ancient village – the main remainder of that village, 12th-century church of St. Bridget’s Kirk, really is a must-see.

    A little more rural

    Sometimes we just need to get away from it all; the hustle and bustle of the city isn’t necessarily useful, especially not when you’re at a stage in life when you’re ready for something quieter. There are near endless rural gems in Scotland, one of which is Auchterarder.

    The town of Auchterarder provides you with all you could need, while the whole of Perthshire lays at your feet. If you’re a golf fan, the world-famous Gleneagles golf course is just a 10-minute drive away!

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