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    How to calculate your mortgage

    Mortgages are some of the biggest commitments you’ll make in your financial life. So, before deciding to purchase a house, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the anticipated payments. When you take...

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    18 January 2024

    Is winter a good time to buy a house?

    Spring and summer are typically prime seasons for house hunting. When the sun is shining, people are more likely to go out searching for their new home than in cosy winter afternoons. But winter is...

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    30 November 2023

    How a new build home can reduce your emissions: Our Stanley Developments

    In a world where climate change is a pressing concern, finding sustainable solutions to reduce emissions has never been more critical. Saving money and helping the planet is now more crucial than ever before.  One...

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    30 November 2023

    The Benefits of Buying vs. Renting in the Current UK Market

    The Benefits of Buying vs. Renting in the Current UK Market The age-old debate of whether to buy or rent a property continues to be a major decision for individuals and families across the UK....

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    24 October 2023

    Why should you invest in property during periods of heightened inflation?

    Inflation is an extended period of rising consumer prices that decreases consumer’s purchasing power and has a direct impact on the real estate market. If you’re wondering why you should invest in property during heightened...

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    10 October 2023

    How a new build home can save you money during a cost-of-living crisis

    Everyone is feeling the pinch from the current cost-of-living crisis in the UK. With energy, fuel, and food prices hitting record highs, everyone is looking for ways to save cash in a struggling economy.  Because...

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    24 August 2023

    Why Buy a New House

    Why Buy a New House When you choose to purchase a new-build property with Muir Homes, you open up a world of possibilities. Each one of our homes is a blank canvas that you can...

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