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    22 June 2016

    The Muir Homes Checklist that makes moving a breeze

    Buying a new home in Scotland should be an exciting time in your life, and at Muir Homes we do everything we can to make the process simple and hassle free.

    After the thrill of discovering your dream property in the ideal location and going through the purchase process, it’s time to start packing and making your new place feel like home.

    Our checklist will help you make moving a breeze, from what to do a month before you move, to the things you’ll need to remember the night before the big day.

    4 weeks before the move

     Organise removals

    Weigh up the benefits of hiring a removals company versus doing everything yourself. It might appear cost effective to rent a van yourself, but a professional removals firm will have experience and insurance, and you won’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself!

     Start packing

    Take the opportunity to have a clear out and declutter while packing out of season clothes and anything else you won’t need in the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget to label the boxes with their contents and which room they belong to.

     Set up a mail redirect service

    Head to the Royal Mail website to set up your mail redirection. You can choose when you want the redirection to begin, so choose your date, pay the fee and forget about it.


    1 week before the move

     Set up TV and broadband services

     Insure your new home

    You may have set up buildings and contents insurance while arranging your mortgage, but it’s a good idea to check the details before you move to ensure you’re covered.

     Arrange a babysitter or pet sitter for moving day

     Finish the food in your freezer

      Request final bills from your utility providers

      Change your address

    Let your utility providers know that you’re moving and provide them with your new address. Contact your bank, insurance providers and credit card companies, and don’t forget to update the electoral roll and change your TV Licence.

    The night before

     Pack a survival kit

    Fill a box with a few essential items you’ll want to unpack straight away. Add coffee, tea, mugs and milk alongside cutlery, plates, important documents, cleaning products, loo roll, pet food with bed linen and a change of clothes for everyone.

    On moving day

     Take final meter readings

     Unpack your survival kit and get the kettle on

     Place boxes in their relevant rooms

     Make the beds

     Find the nearest takeaway and enjoy the first night in your new home!


    Download our PDF checklist to keep yourself on track.


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