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    In a world where climate change is a pressing concern, finding sustainable solutions to reduce emissions has never been more critical. Saving money and helping the planet is now more crucial than ever before. 

    One often overlooked but highly impactful avenue for emissions reduction is through newly built homes. These premium homes are designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind from the ground up. 

    The Home Builders Federation’s report, ‘Watt a Save July 2023’,  proved that new build buyers save over £400 million a year on energy bills. At the same time, they can reduce carbon emissions by over 500,000 tonnes.  This means that households can save £135 on monthly running costs and pay 55% less for energy. 

    Energy efficient materials and technology are incorporated into each home as standard, reducing environmental impact and keeping running costs low for a truly affordable home. In this article, we’ll explore how new build homes and, more specifically, our new Stanley Development can significantly contribute to lowering your carbon footprint and helping you save.  

    Advanced Insulation and Air Sealing

    One of the primary ways new builds contribute to emission reduction is through advanced insulation and air-sealing technology. Traditional homes may have gaps, cracks, and inadequate insulation, leading to energy wastage. In contrast, new build homes utilise cutting-edge materials and construction methods to prevent drafts and maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

    By minimising heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, new homes require less energy to maintain a comfortable interior climate. This directly translates to reduced reliance on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which significantly contribute to residential emissions.

    At The Deer Pines, Stanley, all our developments are equipped with Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs). ASHPs are highly efficient and renewable systems that harness heat energy from the external air, serving as a sustainable low-carbon heating system. The result? Reduced reliance on supplementary heating sources and lower emissions, as the ASHP efficiently meets the heating demands of the home.

    High-Efficiency HVAC Systems

    New build homes often incorporate high-efficiency heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. These modern HVAC systems are designed to optimise energy consumption, using advanced technologies like variable-speed compressors, heat exchangers, and smart controls. As a result, they consume less energy compared to older, conventional systems, thereby reducing emissions associated with energy generation.

    Additionally, these systems are typically designed to work in tandem with the home’s insulation and air sealing, further enhancing their efficiency. This integrated approach ensures that every aspect of the home’s energy use is optimised for sustainability.

    As mentioned above, at The Deer Pines, the ASHPs provide efficient heating and cooling for your home. The heat pumps can deliver up to three times more heat energy to a home than the electrical energy it consumes.

    Efficient Lighting and Appliances

    New build homes often come equipped with energy-efficient lighting and appliances. LED bulbs, for example, use significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, leading to lower electricity consumption and emissions. Similarly, modern, A-rated appliances are designed to use less electricity without sacrificing performance.

    All our new homes in Perthshire have these eco-friendly elements in the home’s design, contributing to reduced emissions over their lifespan. This commitment to eco-friendly design extends to all our new developments, resulting in a significant reduction in emissions over the lifespan of each home.

    Energy Efficient Materials

    Roof tiles improve energy efficiency throughout a structure.  Through a series of tests on the overall performance of similar coloured roofing products, our roof tiles used at The Deer Pines, Stanely transfer less heat and reduce cooling costs. 

    Water Conservation Measures

    In addition to energy efficiency, newly built homes often incorporate water conservation measures. Low-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting systems, and drought-tolerant landscaping are just a few examples of sustainable practices that can significantly reduce water consumption and, in turn, lower emissions associated with water treatment and distribution.

    All our homes are designed to suit the local climate. Our home design is durable for the long term to withstand the harshest conditions as a functional, adaptable and multi-faceted home. Our developments tick all the boxes both environmentally and in design style, and are better for you and the planet.

    If you’re interested in buying a Muir Homes property, contact us today, and we can walk you through all these benefits and more that your new home will come with.


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