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    Customer Charter

    Our Staff are trained in all aspects of our Customer Charter and are aware of their responsibilities in our dealings with you and the importance of the Customer Charter to you. They recognise their responsibilities in fulfilling our commitment to our Customer Charter and can provide expert guidance and practical assistance in all areas of the sales process


    • A copy of our Customer Charter will be provided at any time upon request and will form part of our Sales Information Pack given to you at reservation. Our Customer Charter details our commitment to providing our Customers with information needed to assist during the purchase of a new Muir Home and as a reference guide when the sale is complete.
    • Our Pre-­‐Reservation Checklist will provide you with the information you require to make an informed choice when buying a new Muir Home.
    • Our Sales Advisor can offer information on local Solicitors who can assist with the legalities of your purchase

    At Reservation

    We will provide you with a Sales Information Pack containing the following documents:

    • Muir Homes Customer Charter
    • Copy Reservation Form detailing any special conditions and estimated completion calendar quarter/month for your new Muir Home
    • Energy Efficiency Rating of your new Muir Housetype
    • Right to Cancel Document including information on our refund policy
    • Development Health & Safety Guidelines
    • NHBC Buying a New Home Brochure
    • Development Contact List
    • Plans – a copy of the Development’s Site Plan, housetype floorplan layout, kitchen and (where applicable) bathroom layouts.
    • Copy Pre-­‐Reservation Checklist detailing development specification together with housetype specific information
    • Property Manager (Factor) costs.
    • Council Tax band for your new Muir Home
    • Muir Homes Customer Care and Warranty information

    During the Sales Process

    • Our  Sales  Advisor  will  arrange  an  appointment  to  assist  you  in  the  selection  of  the  various  internal
*options available to you including *“Client Extras” which enable you to personalise your new Muir Home (*subject to build stage and additional costs).
    • Regular updates will be advised on the construction of your new Muir Home,  including an initial estimated completion month on properties where construction has already commenced (on properties where construction has not yet started, an estimated calendar quarter will be advised). Then as the construction progresses, a confirmed date of entry will be established when the Habitation certificate is granted by the Local Authority Building Control Officer and the NHBC final inspection is carried out.
    • Our Sales Advisor, together with our Site Manager will arrange an appointment for you to view your new Muir Home prior to legal completion – at this time they will demonstrate the fixtures, heating systems and appliances included in your new Muir Home. In addition, a list detailing any minor repair works required will be made and a copy provided to you for your records.

    At Legal Completion

    Our Sales Advisor will call you to confirm that your purchase has been completed and arrange to meet with you on-site to hand over the keys to your new Muir Home. At this time, a further check will be made to ensure that all is in order and that you are satisfied with your new  Muir  Home.  A  “Key  Release”  Form will be completed at this time and a copy provided for your records together with the door, window, meter box and where applicable, garage keys.

    When taking legal possession of your new Muir Home, the following documents will be added to your Sales Information Pack:

    • Information about the NHBC Buildmark 10 year warranty covering your new Muir Home
    • Any other guarantees and warranties included your new Muir Home.
    • Energy Performance Certificate for your new Muir Home.
    • Our  Customer Care Warranty and  Information  Leaflet detailing our procedures for dealing with customer complaints including the availability of arbitration services to resolve complaints relating to warranties.
    • Shortly after legal completion,  the appointed  Property  Manager  (Factor)  will forward their Information Package to you detailing services to be provided for the maintenance of the open and common areas within the development.

    A few days after moving into your new Muir Home, one of our on-­‐site Construction Team will personally call to ensure that all is well with your new home and to provide a timescale for any remedial works to be carried out.

    As part of our commitment to you, our valued customer, we promise:

    • Our marketing and advertising literature will be clear and truthful.
    • Our Missives (Contract of Sale) terms and conditions will be clear and fair.
    • At any time during the sales process, should you have any queries regarding your new Muir Home, please contact our Sales Advisor in the first instance, whose contact details can be found on our Development Contact List which will form part of our Sales Information Pack.

    Download our customer charter

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