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    29 September 2021

    Why you should consider semi-rural living

    Semi-rural living is a mix of living on the outskirts or within small countryside towns and villages, but also being just a stone’s throw away from a larger city. Semi-rural living is perfect for those who love being in green spaces, but enjoy the convenience of having everything on their doorstep. Working from home has made the idea of this lifestyle even more appealing.

    Most cities, allow their public transport system to reach areas further afield. This is perfect for commuters, or if you have teenage children who might want a bit of independence. There’s no need to rely on a car – Hopping on trams, buses and trains has never been easier.

    But if you prefer to drive, semi-rural areas often have nearby motorways, making it easy to adventure into the city for work or pleasure, without having city literally on your doorstep.

    Though located conveniently close to larger cities, semi-rural locations aren’t so close that you have the drawbacks of living in the hustle and bustle. Say goodbye to heavy traffic, noise and air pollution. You, and perhaps your children too, can enjoy beautiful green parks and coastal walks all on your doorstep.

    Yet, you’ll still have access to leisure centres, shops, restaurants, and schools…that sounds like the perfect family life balance to us!


    At Muir Homes, it’s not hard to see why semi-rural locations are loved by many and growing in demand. From being on the doorstep of beautiful outdoor spaces, to finding yourself that perfect work-life balance. We believe our range of development locations provide the perfect semi-rural locations. You can search on our website to decide for yourself.

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