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    25 January 2024

    Where is the best place to live in Perth

    Where is the best place to live near Perth┊Muir Homes

    Are you in search of the perfect place to call home near Perth, Scotland? At Muir Homes, we understand the importance of finding not just a house but a community that complements your lifestyle and offers you the best of what Perthshire has to offer. 


    This is why through this blog post, we take you on a journey to what we think is the best place to live in Perth. We’d like to introduce you to a hidden gem in Perthshire, Stanley, where we chose to build our new development, The Deer Pines.

    Discover the serene and majestic Stanley

    Stanley is a charming village located on the right bank of the River Tay and is just a short drive from the bustling city of Perth. The village is home to a vibrant local community with many amenities and attractions, making it the perfect place to call home. 

    Serene Countryside Living

    At Stanley, you’ll wake up to the soothing sounds of nature and the sight of lush greenery. This is where the magic of Perthshire truly shines, with rolling hills, dense woodlands, and the peaceful River Tay meandering through the landscape. 


    The area is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, with endless opportunities for hiking, biking, and wildlife spotting. Besides, there’s nowhere better in the world than Scotland for wildlife lovers! 


    The area is home to many species of deer and otter, as well as Golden Eagles, Black Grouse, Ravens, Peregrine Falcons, and Ospreys. Visitors come just to watch them or even to experience a Highland Safari to spot the Scottish Wildcat! 

    Proximity to Perth

    While the tranquillity of Stanley is its major draw, it’s also conveniently located just a short drive away from Perth. Perth is a vibrant city centre with excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment options. 


    Stanley is also located a short drive away from A90, so residents can easily reach Edinburgh and Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire. Here, you can enjoy the best of both worlds without compromising- a peaceful retreat with easy access to the amenities of the city.

    Excellent educational options

    For families, Stanley offers access to top-notch educational facilities. Perthshire is renowned for its excellent schools, providing children with a high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.  


    Stanley is also close to a number of colleges and universities, providing students with the opportunity to access higher education. The village is also within reach of a number of cultural attractions, offering a variety of activities and entertainment options for the whole family.

    Community Spirit

    Stanley is a very community-oriented village. Residents often come together for local events, activities, and social gatherings, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for newcomers. 

    Discover the Deer Pines Development in Perth

    Where is the best place to live near Perth┊Muir Homes

    At Muir Homes, we chose Stanley to build our new developments, The Deer Pines as we found that this is the best place in Perth to live. Our new homes in Scotland are designed to provide you with the perfect blend of modern comfort and natural beauty. Here’s why you should consider making one of our homes your own:

    Contemporary Design

    Our newly built homes in Scotland are thoughtfully designed with modern living in mind. Open floor plans, spacious bedrooms, and stylish finishes are just some of the features that await you. The homes are designed to maximise natural light and comfort.

    Energy Efficiency

    At Muir Homes, we prioritise sustainability. Energy-efficient materials and technology are incorporated into each home as standard, reducing environmental impact and keeping running costs low for a truly affordable home. 


    Our homes offer advanced insulation and air sealing, high-efficiency HVAC systems, energy-efficient materials and appliances and water conservation measures.

    Quality Manufacturing

    Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Each home is crafted with attention to detail and is built with the best materials to last, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

    Scenic Surroundings

    When you choose a home at Deer Pines, you’re not just getting a house – you’re investing in a lifestyle. The serene beauty of the countryside is right at your doorstep, inviting you to explore and unwind whenever you desire.

    Experience The Deer Pines

    If you’re searching for the best place to live in Perth, look no further than The Deer Pines in Stanley. It offers the perfect combination of countryside charm and urban convenience. And when you choose a Stanley home, you’re investing in a modern, sustainable, and comfortable lifestyle.


    Since 1973, Muir Homes has been building luxury family homes. Deer Pines is a stunning new premier development perfect for families looking to move to the countryside while still being close to the City of Perth.


    If you’re considering living in the most beautiful area in Perthshire, contact us today, and we can walk you through all these benefits and more that your new home will come with.

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